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This is Curitiba

It’s common for Brazilians to draw comparisons between Brazil and other countries. Many Brazilians say “we don’t have this in Brazil“ or “if this were my hometown, it wouldn’t be like this.“ As we walk along the beautiful Vancouver streets, one Brazilian city might come to mind: Curitiba, the capital of Parana State, and known around the world for its urban design.
Maybe comparing Vancouver to the capital of Parana is a bit of a stretch because it is not easy to find similarities between Canadian and Brazilian cities, however, if you know both cities well enough, it is not hard to find similarities: the rainy and cold weather, the efficient public transportation system, the urban organization, beautiful buildings, lots of parks, nature, and the prominent environmental and sustainable mindset amongst its citizens.
When the topic is tourism, it’s relatively easy to talk about Curitiba. This beautiful city has many attractions that must be visited by every tourist, such as the botanical garden, “i“pera de Arame“ (a wire-enclosed theatre), Barigui Park, the downtown historical buildings, its squares, etc. But there is also a very straightforward way to see all of these attractions: The Curitiba Tourism Line, a bus service that caters to tourists.
From the second floor of these double-deckers, tourists can have an unobstructed view of 23 attractions with a feeling of being on the SkyTrain. It takes about 2.5 hours to complete the 45km route.
The bus has a sound system, which gives the passengers more information about each point of interest. It’s a great way to visit all the tourist attractions in the city without the hassle of paying multiple fares. The tour costs $15 and you are allowed to hop on a total of five times.
On the other hand, how can a tourist get to know the true spirit of Curitiba? Not only its places, but also the people of Curitiba. To achieve this, I asked for the assistance of Gustavo Scapulatempo Strobel, a local entrepreneur who has lived in the city his whole life. He didn’t hesitate to say: “A great place to visit is the ‘hippie fair’. Foreign tourists find it especially interesting.“
The famous “hippie fair,“ which is officially called Largo da Ordem Fair, happens every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the historic downtown district. Since 1973, this street fair has showcased a wide range of handmade products, cultural presentations, and different types of food. This is certainly a great way to get to know Curitiba’s culture.

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