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Sao Paulo – The “misty city“ will take you on a world tour in 24 hours

To say that Sao Paulo is the heart of Brazil is the true definition of the largest city in the southern hemisphere. This city has 10 million people in the sixth most populous metropolis on earth and makes the region the main economic and commercial centre in Latin America. But don’t be fooled, the “misty city“ is not only famous because of the frenetic pace of its workers; there are also a lot of options for leisure in Brazil’s largest metropolis.
With so many skyscrapers to visit in the endless sea of buildings, one building in particular is noteworthy. Edifi­cio Altino Arantes, best known as the Banespa Building, named after the bank which used to be headquartered there. This masterpiece was completed in 1947, in downtown Sao Paulo, and was inspired by the Empire State Building, in New York. From the tower’s observatory it is possible to have a panoramic view of the city and see sights from as far away as 40 kilometres.
Although there are many beautiful old buildings in downtown Sao Paulo, Paulista Avenue, a short subway ride from there, is the land of skyscrapers. On Paulista, Sao Paulo’s most famous avenue, it is possible to see massive mirrored buildings reflecting the sunshine and brightening the most culturally diverse place in the city. The world meets at Paulista Avenue where you can see hippies, Asians, Europeans, and Americans in the same day, or maybe in just a few hours. The best day to go on this cultural adventure is on Sunday, when a crafts fair takes over the freestanding area of the Art Museum of Sao Paulo (Masp) building, a sight in itself.
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo’s cuisine is an institution on its own. The city’s cultural diversity is reflected in the many different types of food that can be found here. In the neighbourhood around Paulista avenue you can taste an authentic Brazilian breakfast, have lunch in an Arabic restaurant, go for an afternoon snack in an American snack bar, and have dinner in a Italian canteen– all of this in one day and in only one neighborhood.
Japantown, or Bairro da Liberdade, (Liberty Neighborhood), is one of the most famous sights of the city.A As you walk through its streets you will be immersed in Japanese culture and feel as if you are in Japan when you notice the typical Japanese discor and people. Its renowned restaurants and craft art fairs are the major attractions here.
A visit to the city’s largest park is also a mandatory stop for anyone in Sao Paulo. Ibirapuera Park has 1,584 square kilometres of green area, with sports pitches and bike paths that welcome millions of people every day. The park is a great place to practice sports and visit the many museums located within the park, as well as admire its bridges and three artificial lakes.
For all of these reasons we can say that the so-called “misty city“ is one of the most famous cities in the world, despite the constant traffic jams and irregular climate. Musician and poet Caetano Veloso described Sao Paulo like no other in a song entitled “Sampa“, when he said that the city is “the opposite of the opposite of the opposite of the opposite.“
Photos by: Thiago Silva

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