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Rio de Janeiro

Take a musical stroll through the Marvelous City.
Rio de Janeiro is known around the world as one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil and the world. All this beauty was what inspired various artists to compose songs about the Marvelous City. As Gilberto Gil’s song That Embrace says, and as you land in Rio you too can attest that “Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful.“ Rio de Janeiro, also known as Rio, is indeed a marvelous city. Whenever Rio is mentioned, everyone”even those who have never visited the city”immediately recalls its famous landmarks.
The sea and the beaches are the city’s postcards, along with the Sugar Loaf Mountains and the statue of Christ the Redeemer, with his arms open above the Bay of Guanabara. It’s impossible to question Tom Jobin and the longing he feels for Rio in his song Samba do Aviao (airplane song). The happiness of returning to his beloved city can be easily felt in the lyrics. This is Rio, a city of beaches, sun, sea, and of course, a lot of beautiful people.
The most famous Brazilian song of all time, The Girl from Ipanema, written by Tom Jobin and Vinicius de Moraes, is also set in the city. The song speaks of the beauty of the women from Rio and spreads this message to the whole world as a representation of Brazilian women. It is set at Ipanema, the city’s most famous beach after Copacabana.
Speaking of Copacabana, it was also present in Jobin’s repertoire; well-deserved recognition for the most famous beach in Rio, with its memorable New Year’s Eve firework spectacle.
The Marvelous City, one of the most famous Carnaval songs, also talks about the city and it couldn’t possibly be called anything else. How could someone come to Rio during Carnaval and not partake in the parades and the songs that stick in your head and follow you home. Many of the Rio residents cheer for a samba school as if cheering for a soccer team.
One of the most famous Samba musicians, Neguinho da Beija-Flor, talks about this double passion for soccer and Carnaval in his song Domingo, Eu Vou ao Maracana (On Sunday I go to Maracana). Watching a match at Maracana stadium is certainly a great way to end the day.
Lastly, singer Fernanda Abreu, in her song Rio 40 Graus (Rio 40 degrees), describes the warmth of Rio, a city with beautiful beaches and marvelous people. This is the city of Carnaval, Maracana, and where tourists can truly feel the warmth and happiness of the Brazilian people.
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