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Recife: History, culture and nature draws everybody’s attention to the Brazilian Venice

Brazilian Venice, this is how Recife is known, the city of great landscapes, rivers and bridges. The majestic palm trees, rich history and cultural manifestations that define the oldest city in Brazil are a temptation for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.
This beautiful city was once the capital of Dutch Brazil; it was born around its bay and its growth was heavily influenced by sugar production. Now, with a population of about 1.5 million, Recife is one of the most developed cities in Northeast Brazil.
Tourists from around the world flock to the bustling metropolis, wishing to experience the vibrant cultural diversity of Pernambuco and to enjoy the sunshine. According to Guilherme Luck, tour guide at Luck Viagens, the majority of local visitors come from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
“Due to its weather, culture, cuisine and beautiful landscapes, Recife attracts a lot of tourists, especially during Carnaval and summer season.“ said Luck.
Statistics indicate that Recife is among the great destinations in the world that has more tourists than its actually population.
“Recife, in the past few years, has maintained an average in their annual hospitality occupation rate of 85%, which also relates with the increase of business visitors. It is during the Carnaval season that the city reaches 100% occupation in their annual rate average,“ said the media coordinator of the Minister of tourism of Recife, Alessandra Raposo.
The capital of Pernambuco is very important to the artistic and cultural production in Brazil as well. Recife has the biggest Carnaval parade in the world, the Galo da Madrugada (Rooster of Early hours), which brings colours and rhythms that inspire everyone to dance.
According to the Minister of Tourism of Recife, the majority of tourists come from the USA and European countries, though Canadians are among the many foreigners that choose Recife as their sunshine destination
“Canada is in tenth place in the rank of countries that sent the most amount of tourists last year,“ said Raposo.
Bethony Lam, from Canada, was amazed by the local cuisine.
“I really liked the food and rhythms from Pernambuco,“ highlighted Lam.
Recife has many stories to be shared. The city’s unforgettable character and charm has a tendency to lure visitors back, always with an appetite for more.
Photo by: Janaina Lins

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