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He is Lindo

Nothing embodies the summer vibe like a goodA ice cream on a hot day, and if you walk down RobsonA Street on a sunny day and see an authenticA Brazilian-flavoured ice cream don’t be alarmed:A it’s the creation of Lindomar Almeida dos Reis, or
simply “Lindo,“ as he is affectionately known.A This Brazilian from Rio Grande do Sul livedA in Rio de Janeiro and in the Caribbean beforeA arriving in Vancouver five years ago. Here he hasA found creative ways to put a little bit of Brazil into
the Italian gelatos served at Gelarmony.A He sat down with Brazilian Vibe ” and aA corn cake and vanilla ice cream ” to talk aboutA the journey that took him from a call centre inA Brazil to being a gelato master in Vancouver.
Brazilian Vibe – How did you start yourA culinary career?
Lindo Reis – In 2004 I lost my job in a callA centre and thought it was the right time toA pursue a dream: to live abroad. I had experienceA in the kitchen as my family has always workedA in restaurants, so I basically grew up in anA industrial kitchen. A friend of mine got me a jobA in a resort in Curacao and I decided to embarkA on this adventure.
BV – Why did you trade the CaribbeanA for Canada?
LR – In Curacao my opportunities where limitedA because I did not speak English very well soA I took a long vacation and went to Ottawa toA study English. After the course I applied for anA immigration program and was invited to comeA work at the gelato store here in Vancouver.

Lindo at Gelarmony
Lindo at Gelarmony
BV – Did you already have experienceA making ice cream?
LR – Sweets were never my forte, so it was aA challenge. I accepted the challenge becauseA my English was not good enough to work in aA kitchen and this position at the gelato shopA did not require a high level of proficiency andA I received training. I started as production assistantA five years ago and today I am productionA manager, gelato master.
BV – Who chooses the flavours?
LR – I asked the owner’s permission to changeA a few flavours and used my culinary experienceA to change the cookbook and add new flavours. IA follow a cookbook from headquarters in Italy, but IA need to make adaptations for the local palate.
BV – Which flavours have you introduced?
LR – I brought many Brazilian flavours such asA acai­, pacoca (crushed peanut paste), RomeoA and Juliet (Brazilian fresh cheese and guavaA paste), avocado, and I’m thinking of introducingA a quindim (egg and coconut flan) flavour, butA the flavour I like the most is Greek yogurt.
BV – What advice would you give toA someone who wants a career in thisA field in Canada?
LR – You have to be persistent. When I arrivedA I didn’t know English very well, so I translatedA the cookbook to Portuguese. When you are farA away from home but have the opportunity toA show what you can do, you will always be rewarded.A I think many people give up too easily.
Photos: Lucas Socio

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