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BraZil with an S

BraZil with an S:A the importance of Portuguese language to Brazilian children living in other countries.
The foundation Brazil em Mente (Brazil in mind), created in 2009, works with the teaching of Portuguese language to the children of Brazilians living abroad. Now, with the collaboration of artists, teachers and even an ambassador, the foundation launched the documentary BraZil com S: A Li­ngua Portuguesa no Exterior (BraZil With An S: The Portuguese Language In Other Countries), about the role of Brazilian Portuguese language in the lives of A the Brazilian families living far from home.
More about the foundation can be found in their website:A http://www.brasilemmente.org

Here in Vancouver there are also groups caring about the importance of Brazilian Portuguese in the development of Brazilian children educated here in Canada. These groups can be found on Facebook, on the following links:

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