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Brazilian protests reach Vancouver

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Photo by Vitor Borba
Over 500 people were present this Tuesday in an act in support to the wave of protests that is happening in Brazil in the last days. Organized through Facebook, the event was in front of Vancouver Art Gallery and was composed of many Brazilians who live in Vancouver, including students, families, children and also Canadians who identified with the movement.
The protests that originated this act started last week, in Sao Paulo, when a 10-cents hike in bus fares caused a large mobilization in the city, led by groups that defend free fare and higher quality for public transit. The public opinion started to support more and more the protests after violent actions of Sao Paulo Police on last Thursday, 13, when tear gas and rubber bullets were used against protesters, journalists and even by-standers. This sparked the huge uproar in the whole country, which resulted in the mass synchronized protest this Monday, simultaneouslyA in dozens of cities in Brazil, in a total of almost 300,000 people across the country. The main demand is for better quality of public services, like transit, health and education.
Brazilians across the world also felt the need to have their voices heard, and thanks to the power of mobilization provided by social media, acts like yesterday’s were made in many cities all over the world.
Brazilian Vibe was present during the whole protest, and you can see photos and videos in our Facebook page.
Photo by Lucas Socio
Photo by Lucas Socio
Photo by Lucas Socio
Photo by Lucas Socio
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Photo by Lucas Socio
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Photo by Sebastian Ribeiro
Photo by Lucas Socio

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