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Are you a "coxinha" lover?

Whoever ate the first coxinha was only the first in a very long list of lovers of one of Brazil’s favourite snack. From that long-ago day until today, millions of Brazilians have enjoyed billions of the tasty treat.
A coxinha, for those have never had the pleasure of eating one, is a thigh-shaped chicken croquette. That is, it is seasoned and shredded chicken meat enclosed in dough, then breaded and deep-fried. Brazilians, by and large, adore coxinhas and eat them on the run during a busy day in a coffee shop or snack bar, or have them at night accompanied by lots of icy beer in a boteco bar.
In truth, no one is really sure who created the coxinha and who was the lucky person who got to eat that very first one. But there is a charming legend in Brazil about how the coxinha came to be invented. It’s so charming that it doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not – it’s a fairy tale, complete with princes and kindly (and clever) domestic servants.
To read about Brazil’s (and the world’s) first coxinha, visit my blog.
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