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Thiago Silva has over 10 years of experience in communication

Thiago Silva

Silva has over 10 years of experience in communication and is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He has worked for TVE Brasil, SBT, Disney Channel. Silva tem mais de 10 anos de experiencia em comunicacao. Documentarista premiado internacionalmente, ja atuou na TVE Brasil, no SBT, e no Disney Channel.

Chillin’ in a cool job

Winter 2013 | edicao de inverno 2013

It’s not unusual for snow sports enthusiasts to encounter an Australian or two working in the mountains of British Columbia. It’s easy to spot them: not only are their accents a dead giveaway, but many of them wear nametags informing guests of their hometown. However, …

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A New Outlook

by Lucas Socio 2

The nails dotting the barren walls giveaway that someone has just moved out, and the new tenant has yet to unpack his bags. Ernesto Otto Rubarth, the new Brazilian Consul General in Vancouver arrived from the Swiss capital in September and is starting to get …

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Hello, my name is Curumim

Aulas de portugues para criancas em Vancouver

The calm Sunday morning is abruptly taken over by the sound of children running, playing and yelling in Portuguese. Then, all of a sudden, a euphoric Angelica Loughrey declares: “My daughter speaks like a gringa!” Followed by a resounding laughter. But it hasn’t always been …

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Brazilian entrepreneurs


Starting a business is no easy task. It requires planning, hard work, perseverance― and if you are an immigrant, one more obstacle: navigating an uncharted sea of bureaucracy in a country you are not familiar with. This, however, can be seen as an opportunity for …

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Favela tour


A safari jeep stops in front of a posh hotel and picks up foreign tourists for a tour. As they make their way to the destination, a distraught tourist asks: “Is it dangerous to be here?” The tour guide assures them: “No. Not now. A …

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He is Lindo


Nothing embodies the summer vibe like a good ice cream on a hot day, and if you walk down Robson Street on a sunny day and see an authentic Brazilian-flavoured ice cream don’t be alarmed: it’s the creation of Lindomar Almeida dos Reis, or simply “Lindo,” as he is …

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Brazilians in the north


In the late 19th century over 40,000 people risked their lives to search for gold and strike a fortune in the Yukon Gold Rush. Today, many Brazilian immigrants look north for career opportunities, education, financial gain, and even love. The unique experience of helping to shape …

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