Hidden money


Many international students with work visas are in the dark about filing their income tax and leave hard-earned money behind. Going back home after studying abroad can cause as much anxiety as arriving in Canada. Friends that we leave behind, moments that we cannot explain and the longing feeling about to be …

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So long, Canada


Have you ever heard about Return Syndrome? The term was coined by Discio Nakagawa, a Brazilian researcher, to define the frustration former immigrants feel once they return to their countries of origin. Nakagawa, who died in 2011, studied the case of Brazilians who returned to their homeland after a period of …

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Home away from home

Spring 2013 - Vibe Study

When Fernanda Campos Ottoni decided to study in Canada, her first accommodation option was a homestay. That is the most common option available to Brazilian students: staying with a local family that welcomes people from all over the world. She chose this option primarily because …

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Trailblazing the road to university after ESL

Photo by: Lucas Socio

Navigating the Canadian post-secondary educational system may prove to be challenging, but a lot of English as a second language (ESL) students decide to stay and pursue a post-secondary degree in Canada after their English studies.  Here are some tips from students Rodrigo Palmeira and …

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Brazil on the academic agenda


The Consulate General of Brazil in Vancouver has organized a series of lectures aimed at informing a wide array of audiences about the country’s current social, political, journalistic, entrepreneurial and artistic situation, from the last week of August to the first week of October. Brazil, …

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Searching for bright minds

It is fairly common to find smiley and talkative young Brazilians in Vancouver, mixing English and Portuguese in the parks, clubs, bars, and busy sidewalks of the lower mainland. The city has notably been one of the most popular destinations for ESL (English as a …

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Language learning after 40


The trend of traveling abroad to learn English has attracted many young adults to Canada; this influx of international students has been growing exponentially since 2011, when the United States changed their regulations, making it much harder for students to apply for a visa. While …

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A program for the Americas


Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business recently announced an MBA program focused on the four major economies in the Americas – Canada, Brazil, USA and Mexico. The  Executive MBA of the Americas prepares managers and businesspeople for leadership positions in international companies through interactive …

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True romance: more than just a language


After going straight from high school into undergraduate and then graduate degrees, I doubted I would ever pick another textbook again. But here I am, not even finished my master’s and already beginning to learn a totally new language, Portugues. Two years ago I moved …

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