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The beautiful game


Famous around the world for winter sports, Vancouver turned itself into the land of soccer this summer—even if just for a day. The green grass, soccer socks, cleats, and balls brought together soccer aficionados from many different cultures and nationalities for the second annual Vibe …

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Biking season is here


As the bike Mecca of the world wakes up to a promisingly warm summer, its inhabitants take their wheels out of the basement to ride on endless trails and on the abundant urban bike lanes the city has to offer. Vancouver stages a scenario quite different from what most Brazilians …

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It’s soccer season!

Camilo_Whitecaps_Downtown_2011_0114. copy

“The Whitecaps are moving faster on the field,” according to striker Camilo Sanvezzo. The team—which did not have a good season in the last couple of years—is ready and looking forward to a good season of Major League Soccer (MLS), which starts in March 2013. …

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Soccer tournament builds community


Although Vancouver has recently received a lot of flak for being an isolating city, the power of sport has the ability to bring people together—no matter what language they speak or background they come from. On July 14th Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike united in their love …

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Hand me that ball


It’s a dynamic and fast-paced game in which the primary goal is to get through the defenders and attack in order to score the most goals. No, I am not talking about soccer, but rather, another sport which is also very popular in Brazil: handball. …

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At 30, capoeira group rejoices


On July 28th and 29th, Axis Capoeira group will celebrate its 30 year anniversary with a major street festival that will shake up Vancouver. The group has already started organizing the festival that will showcase competitions, music, dance and a ‘ceremônia de batizado’ (baptism ceremony). …

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Jiu-jitsu is his middle name


Marcus Soares arrived in Canada in March 1997 with the not so modest status of being the only jiu-jitsu black belt in the country. In addition, as Carlson Gracie’s disciple, Soares brought with him the renowned and respected Gracie name which was already a legend …

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