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A program for the Americas





Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business recently announced an MBA program focused on the four major economies in the Americas – Canada, Brazil, USA and Mexico.

The  Executive MBA of the Americas prepares managers and businesspeople for leadership positions in international companies through interactive and hands-on teaching techniques and will include the participation of educational institutions from each of the four countries. Students from Canada, Brazil, USA and Mexico will have the opportunity to study at each of the other partner schools and to share experiences with the local students.

Each school offers highly qualified professors with vast work experience in the world of business and strong academic credentials. In Brazil the partner institution is Fundacao Instituto de Administracao (FIA), which has offered MBA programs for more than 18 years and graduated more than eight thousand students.

Shirley Soares, responsible for FIA’s Executive MBA, believes that the practical experiences provided through international projects, work and studies are extremely valuable to the participants and their respective companies in the development of international projects.

“The opportunity to network in groups with approximately 75% of international students helps them to build international careers and, consequently, to lead their companies with projects at a global level”.

Each institution will select an average of 15 students from a wide array of backgrounds. The program lasts 19 months; in the first 12 months of the EMBA, each of the four universities will be responsible for their own curriculum. In the second year,  four immersions of intensive nine days will take place in the other participant countries.

The teams will study and learn about local entrepreneurial methods and each school will offer exclusive content based on the main strengths of their own national economies. SFU, for instance, will focus on cross-cultural communication, global business strategies and human relations, while Brazil’s FIA will target sustainability issues, corporative and social responsibilities and strategy for rising markets.

The United States will represent innovation and strategic entrepreneurship and in Mexico, international competitiveness and family business management.

At the final stage of the program, students will have the opportunity to experience and work together on a multicultural project of global dimensions. With such innovative curriculum, the program offers solid conceptual and practical tools for students to work internationally, as well as opportunities to share their experience with one another.

Brazilian Marcel Bosio, a recent University of British Columbia graduate with a double major in computer science and psychology, believes that this EMBA offers great opportunities in the work field.
“I’ve lived in Colombia, Venezuela, the United States and now Canada, and I was interested in learning more about the MBA because it offers students the opportunity to work with extremely qualified professionals − all from diverse fields”, said Bosio.

Students in this program are predominantly in their mid-30s, with six to ten years of professional experience and are arising international students, participating in EMBA and part-time MBA programs, with five or more years of professional experience in information technology, mining, administration and other sectors.

The program costs CAD$48,500 and many of its students are on full or partial scholarships from their employers. The EMBA is internationally known as Master in Business Administration, and is certified by the Association of MBAs, having its headquarters located in England. All the Universities in the partnership offer a unified certification of the international stages.

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