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Afro-Brazilian Carnaval on Granville

One of the biggest street parties of Vancouver comes to Granville Street once again this July! Hosted by Grupo Axis Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian Carnaval is a big party with lots of music, dance, food and capoeira.
Grupo Axis Capoeira already appeared once in the pages of Brazilian Vibe. The group started in Recife, 31 years ago, and the branch of the capoeira school in Vancouver was founded in 1996.
The event happens from 12 to 8pm, in Granville Street, between Georgia and Smithe, and is expected to attract thousands of people. A full list of activities and featured guests can be found at Grupo Axis Capoeira website, and at the event’s Facebook page:
Photo by Grupo Axis Capoeira

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