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Fernanda Cunha brings the Rio vibe to Vancouver

Whenever we think of Bossa Nova, it is inevitable to think of Rio de Janeiro andits stunning nature and gorgeous beaches. But here in Canada, when we talk about this authentic Brazilian rhythm, one of the names that come to mind is Fernanda Cunha. The carioca singer is already very famous in Vancouver and every time she comes to this country she amazes the Bossa Nova addicts who live in the area.
This time the concert was heldA at Performance Works on Granville Island, which brought together Brazilians and Canadians who love the carioca singer. This passion is mutual and Fernanda doesn’t hide her unquestionable love for the country.
“I don’t know how to explain it, but Canadians have been very receptive to me since the first time I came to Vancouver, in 2005. When I step on the sidewalk at the Vancouver airport I feel like the happiest woman in the world“, said Cunha.
To reciprocate Canada’s love for her, Cunha decided to perform a musical tribute. In 2009 she released a CD called Brazil Canada, which brings together Brazilian and Canadian songs.
“I always learn a lot from Canadian and Brazilian musicians. The Canadians are very open to new ideas and new concepts“, adds the carioca, a fan of Diana Krall and Nana Caymmi.
A few minutes into her thrilling performance, Cunha did an interpretation of Tom Jobin’s Corcovado. She wrapped up the concert with Joao Gilberto’s song Adeus Amisrica. The audience was ecstatic about the carioca singer.
“I feel very good when I listen to Fernanda because it is one way to remember my country“, said Brazilian Vania Cristina Ramos, who danced samba in the last minutes of the show on Granville Island.A Canadian George Richards agreed with Ramos.
“She has such a love for what she does and for her musicians. It definitely comes out in her music. Her voice is really beautiful“, he said.
Cunha leaves Vancouver to continue her international tour, but she will miss the wonders of this Canadian City.
“I like every place in Vancouver because anyone who comes here feels a little Canadian and feels a bit at home because of the receptiveness of the people“, she added.
Photo by: Amisrico Oliveira

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