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Doc series highlights Brazilian music at Vancity Theatre

When people outside Brazil think aboutA Brazilian music, they probably think about theA country’s two most famous rhythms: sambaA and bossa nova. But another important side ofA Brazilian music will also be forever rememberedA in the country’s culture: the popular music fromA the ‘60s, with singers like Gilberto Gil and MariaA Bethi¢nia from the Tropicalia movement.
To celebrate this part of Brazilian culture, aA documentary series entitled Copacabana SocialA Club will be presented at Vancity Theatre inA July. Enjoying the recent spike in production ofA documentaries about music in Brazil, the seriesA will screen four films:
Tropicalia, from Fernando Meirelles, theA director responsible for huge successes like CityA of God and Blindness. The film talks about theA Tropicalia movement from the late ‘60s. InspiredA by the psychedelic look that is the trademark ofA the movement, the documentary presents rareA footage from that time with recent interviewsA with key artists.
Loki: Arnaldo Baptista, from Paulo HenriqueA Fontenelle, talks about the album Loki? releasedA in 1974 by the singer Arnaldo Baptista, from theA band Os Mutantes, during a group hiatus.
A Night in ‘67, directed by Ricardo Calil andA Renato Terra, tells the story of the “Third FestivalA of Brazilian Popular Music,“ a music competitionA made for television in 1967, with famous participantsA such as Chico Buarque and Gilberto Gil.
Maria Bethi¢nia, directed by AndruchaA Waddington, brings a more intimate take on theA life of the great singer Maria Bethi¢nia, on theA occasion of her 60th birthday. The film showcasesA her family and a concert in Salvador.
Lili de Carvalho, the series organizer, believesA that the series will be interesting for the BrazilianA community, as well as for other music fans.A “The partnership with Vancity Theatre is veryA important because they already have the MusicA Mondays in their schedule, with movies aboutA music being exhibited every Monday, and ourA series will be a part of it. There is the audience ofA music fans, and also the audience of people withA an interest for Brazilian culture,“ she explains.
When asked about the film selection, de CarvalhoA highlights the importance of the musical movements.A “We tried to not only bring recent movies,A but also ones that show this side of BrazilianA music that is less known outside of Brazil.“
The series is produced by IberoamericanA Images, with support from the BrazilianA Community Association, the Consulate GeneralA of Brazil in Vancouver, and Vancity Theatre. TheA films will be screened every Monday in July.
You can buy your tickets online at the following link:A https://tickets.viff.org/online/2013-copacabana

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