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Chillin’ in a cool job

It’s not unusual for snow sports enthusiasts to encounter an Australian or two working in the mountains of British Columbia. It’s easy to spot them: not only are their accents a dead giveaway, but many of them wear nametags informing guests of their hometown.
However, if on your next visit to Whistler you’re lucky enough to have Leonardo Trassi as your instructor, you may notice his nametag tells you something a little different: “Sao Paulo, BRA.“
“Whistler is one of the best ski resorts in the world so I decided to mix work with pleasure, snowboard all season long and maybe even save some money to take back to Brazil,“ Trassi explained.
The proverbial road to Whistler was a bumpy one. The mountain resort employs the service of recruiters in different countries, but Brazil is not one of them. Trassi tried to convince the human resources department to give him an interview via Skype, but to no avail.
Since his contract with a television network was up, Trassi decided to catch the next plane to Canada and go to an in-person interview at a job fair in Whistler, as he happens to be a permanent resident of Canada. He got the job and is the only Brazilian working for Whistler Mountain.
What do Trassi’s days consist of? “When I am not working you can find me snowboarding on the mountain,“ he added with a smile.

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