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4x Carnival

The festival of Carnival in Brazil is celebrated over four consecutive nights every year during February or March. Many Brazilians living far from the motherland feel nostalgic at this time of year but just because you aren’t in the tropics, doesn’t mean you can’t honour Brazilian traditions. This year, Vancouver was host to four vibrant Carnival parties, organized for different crowds, with different budgets.
In a club
On February 16th, “Carnavancouver“ brought people together at Caprice Nightclub to celebrate Carnival– nightclub style. DJ Luis Sanches and DJ Albert played the latest Brazilian hits of Sertanejo, Axis, pop, rock and top 40. The duo are regulars in the Brazilian Party scene in Vancouver and also organized a Brazilian lunch party the following day at Forum Sports Bar.
“This party was so successful we will host a weekly “Brazilian Sundays“ at Forum Sports Bar where we will be serving stroganoff to the sound of Brazilian beats,“ said Albert Abrantes, of 3RA Entertainment.
On a boat
“Carnaval on Board“ took the party to a yacht on February 25th. Departing from the Plaza of Nations, this Carnival float sailed the waters of English Bay just as many boat parties did in Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay the previous week. During the cruise many people hit the dance floor while others preferred to take in the sights of Vancouver’s skyline, all while enjoying the rhythm of samba, of course.
“The party was a great success! Brazilians and Canadians showed up with masks, costumes, balloons¦ The boat was filled to capacity,“ said Fernanda Oliveira, the event’s Marketing Lead.
With the community
Also on the 25th, there was a major event organized by the Brazilian Community Association of Vancouver at the Hellenic Community Centre. Local band Sambata performed at the sold-out event, as did Bracatum, from Toronto.
“It’s the first time I’ve come to Vancouver¦ Brazilians do not need a lot of people to throw a party and to feel happy. When all these beautiful people get together, like tonight, everyone sings and it makes us unite as one and turn Carnival into an endless party,“ said Salviano Pessoa, Bracatum’s lead singer.
Brazilian cuisine was also represented at the event at Boteco Brasil’s stand, where partygoers lined up to get their hands on Brazilian snacks such as coxinha and pao de queijo.
For the students
The Association of Latin American Students of Simon Fraser University organized a Carnival party at the University’s Highland Pub on March 2nd. Brazilian and Latin rhythms took over the dance floor and students from all over the world enjoyed a night of Carnival on Burnaby Mountain.
“This is the closest to a Carnival party I could get up here on the mountain. It was great to dance to the great music and not to mention the free tequila shots!“ said Banu Asokan, a first year student who has yet to declare her major but has already declared her passion for partying Brazilian-style– despite drinking tequila and not caipirinha.
Photo by: Lucas Socio

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