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Expoplaza latina attracts mining execs and protesters alike

“By the end of Expoplaza, we hope you will know Latin America a little better.“ With these words, Latincouver’s executive director Paola Murillo opened the Expoplaza Latina, on April 30, an international business conference that aims to connect Canada and Latin America. Indeed, attendees had the possibility of getting a …

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Expoplaza Latina: The meeting place for businesses in the Americas

On April 30 LatinCouver will transform Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, in downtown Vancouver, into one of the largest networking events for Canadian and Latin American businesses in the country. This year’s edition of the Expoplaza Latina will have a strong focus on the recently created …

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Cultural differences across borders in business

To be successful when conducting business between Canada and Brazil, it is important to understand the culture. “There are business opportunities everywhere,“ says Andris Nudelman, Chairman of the Canadian Council for the Americas, as long as aspiring entrepreneurs take the proper measures to get to know their environment and the …

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It's hiring season

So just like a fading ray of sunshine summer’s over and soon the drizzling for which Vancouver is famous for is about to start – so what’s good about the upcoming season? It is hiring season!! The busiest hiring season of the year is about to start. Just like everyone …

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Have you picked someone’s brain yet?

Well, my last post was about the initial step for a newcomer to enhance his career management skills. Considering that you are ready to pitch your unique value, now it’s time to assess if you are ready to pick someone’s brain already. Are you? Much is said about Vancouver’s west …

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Baby steps before a giant career leap. Are you ready?

You finally landed in Canada, now what? Now it’s time to put to work your pre-landing strategy and solidify your presence in this great country. Every two weeks I will post here the baby steps you should take before making your giant career leap, so let’s get to it! USP, …

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