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It's hiring season

So just like a fading ray of sunshine summer’s over and soon the drizzling for which Vancouver is famous for is about to start – so what’s good about the upcoming season? It is hiring season!!
The busiest hiring season of the year is about to start. Just like everyone else who takes time aside to enjoy the summer – organizations place their hiring plans on hold for much of warm season. And now, for the next 75 days more than 60% of the organizations in BC plan on executing their hiring plans at the same rate or slightly higher than 2011. Great news!
So considering you have worked hard on your unique value proposition and done lots of information interviews and networked wisely – it’s time to bring your best game and apply for the roles you are excited about. So if you are true to yourself and aware of who is shopping for someone with your skill set – bear in mind these key golden rules:
Cover letters:

  • Less is more;
  • Not I can do it – rather We will do it;
  • Display what you know about them – do your due diligence;
  • Whenever possible quote a person/company in common;
  • Differentiation is key – why YOU.


  • Flawless & Professional;
  • Achievement based not task based;
  • Quantify whenever possible;
  • Relevant work experience – use a 2 page resume;
  • Career changer – Key competencies 1 page resume;
  • Functional Resume doesn’t work – don’t use it!

If you keep in mind these golden rules – you will enhance your chances of getting an answer from your job application. However – do not hold all your chances from behind a computer screen – many jobs in Vancouver don’t even get posted. It’s the infamous hidden market – and in a considerably small town like Vancouver – very much true.
So craft your in print brand to perfection and make sure you keep picking up people’s brain and getting out there – soon, you’ll be taking time aside from summer again in a new – more exciting role!
Have a great fall!

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