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Expoplaza Latina: The meeting place for businesses in the Americas

On April 30 LatinCouver will transform Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, in downtown Vancouver, into one of the largest networking events for Canadian and Latin American businesses in the country. This year’s edition of the Expoplaza Latina will have a strong focus on the recently created Pacific Alliance between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, as well as a special look on Brazil. The topics discussed by panelists will range from Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining to Startup incubation and new energy sources.
EPL-Banner1-new-dateIn an exclusive interview with Brazilian Vibe, Founder and Executive Director of LatinCouver, Paola Murillo, showed great enthusiasm for the last few days of preparation of the event, which is shaping to be a major point of convergence for entrepreneurs in the continent.
Murillo believes that many companies in the Americas still lack the knowledge necessary to establish international business partnerships, despite all the evolution in communication technologies.
“Expoplaza will offer a platform for people to connect, understand each other and acquire knowledge about businesses run in different countries of the continent“, affirmed Murillo.
The event’s goal reflects Canada’s and Latin America’s willingness to establish stronger economic ties as well as Western Canada’s potential to be the connecting link between Latin America and Asia, two prominent, booming markets.
Expoplaza will also shed light on South America’s largest economy. With the FIFA World Cup only a few weeks away and the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil will definitely be a hot topic at Expoplaza. A The Consul General of Brazil in Vancouver, Ernesto Rubarth, and the Principal Economic Advisor at the Inter-American Development Bank, Mauricio Mesquita Moreira, are two of the Brazilian highlights of the event.

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