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Universidades fecham parcerias no Brasil

E bem comum ver jovens brasileiros sorrindo e conversando em Vancouver. Eles misturam ingles e portugues nos parques, baladas, bares e movimentadas calcadas da Grande Vancouver. A cidade tem sido um dos destinos mais populares para alunos de ingles, mas agora, devido a recentes parcerias entre a UBC, a SFU, …

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Searching for bright minds

It is fairly common to find smiley and talkative young Brazilians in Vancouver, mixing English and Portuguese in the parks, clubs, bars, and busy sidewalks of the lower mainland. The city has notably been one of the most popular destinations for ESL (English as a second language) students but now, …

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Are you sure your caipirinha is legal?

One of the great cultural differences between Canadian and Brazilian societies is how the two cultures view the question of obeying laws and regulations. When talking about cultural differences there is always the danger of speaking in stereotypes, but anyone who knows both cultures know there is a difference between …

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Brasileiros asiaticos em busca de identidade no Canada

Se decidir qual roupa usar de manha ja is difi­cil, imagine se tambism tivesse de escolher uma nacionalidade – dentre tres. E assim que muitos brasileiros asiaticos se sentem quando escutam a pergunta mais frequente em Vancouver: “De onde voce is?“. “A maioria dos canadenses nao sabe que o Brasil …

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Mistaken identity

If you think that choosing what to wear in the morning can be a challenge, imagine if you also had to choose a nationality” out of three. This is how numerous Asian-Brazilians feel when they hear the most frequently asked question in Vancouver: “where are you from?“ “Most Canadians don’t …

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Shake that Boom Boom

The Canadian band “The Boom Booms“ has just returned to Vancouver after a 68-day Brazilian tour. The six band members performed nine concerts in six different Brazilian states and brought back more than 30 hours of video footage of this adventure. What was meant to be a business trip, ended …

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